Why Do I Attract Ugly People?

If you’re a Woman with an Open Type and you approach attractive men and women without thinking, you’re probably wondering Why do I attract ugly people. Fortunately the answer is quite simple it’s because of your Insecurities. Your Insecurities feed off the power that you give attractive people. The same principle applies to dating: if you’re attractive and approach attractive people without thinking, you’ll attract ugly people.

Why Do I Attract Ugly People – Insecurities feed on the power that YOU give beautiful women

Insecurities feed on the power you give beautiful women, and a man should recognize these signs and suggest therapy if needed. If a woman is constantly preoccupied with appearance, she may be suffering from a condition called Body Dysphoric Disorder. Men should also remember to nurture their women’s passions to help them feel beautiful. Insecurity in a woman’s body may be the result of a traumatic event, such as being abused as a child.

You may have an insecurity that’s less about appearance and more about the way your appearance prevents you from achieving goals. For instance some men cut their hair for fear that balding men won’t be viewed as attractive by women. Similarly men who think their hair is not attractive to women are mistakenly thinking they’re ugly. But look and feel is not everything most things in life are determined by more factors than looks.

Generous spirit attracts attractive people

A generous spirit is a huge attract or. We’re taught that selfishness is ugly. And it’s certainly ugly for physically attractive people. But when we are generous, we feel embraced by the universe and other people. This makes us look and feel attractive, and the universe in return embraces us. So how does this happen? Here are a few tips to attract attractive people. Read on for more. Listed below are some of the tips that make you look and feel attractive:

Women with an Open Type attract ugly people

Most women have an Open Type. Whether it is a great looking man with outstanding features or an average-looking one, nearly all women are open minded and happy to date different kinds of guys. On the other hand, some females will only date great looking men. Women with an Open Type are prone to attraction by different types of guys, and there is no single way to avoid them. For instance, in a social experiment, a group of guys created a catfish profile of a beautiful blonde. As expected, guys pursued her.

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