What to do when your happy

What to do when your happy. It’s natural to feel happy when something good happens in your life. Maybe you just got a promotion at work, or you found out you’re going to be a parent. Whatever the reason for your happiness, it’s important to remember that your happiness is just as important as anyone else’s.

One of the best things you can do when you’re feeling happy is to spread that happiness to others. Smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, or simply saying “thank you” can brighten someone else’s day and make them feel happy too.

You can also use your happiness as a motivation to help others. If you’re feeling good, why not volunteer your time to a local charity or soup kitchen? Or, you can donate money to a cause that’s important to you.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your own happiness. Make sure to take some time for yourself to relax and do something you enjoy. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, reading your favorite book, or taking a walk in the park, make sure to savor your happiness and enjoy the moment.

Tips for when you’re happy

When youre happy, the world is your oyster. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when youre feeling on top of the world.

Dont let your happiness blind you.

Just because youre feeling good doesnt mean that you shouldnt be aware of whats going on around you. Beware of getting too comfortable or complacent; the world can be a tough place, and you dont want to be caught off guard.

Enjoy your happiness while it lasts.

Happiness is often fleeting, so its important to savor it while you can. Take time to appreciate the good moments, and dont dwell on the negative. Remember, happiness is often a state of mind, so do your best to maintain a positive outlook.

Things to avoid when you’re happy

Don’t compare yourself to others

When you’re feeling good about yourself, it can be tempting to compare yourself to others. But this is a dangerous trap to fall into. Not only does it take away from your own happiness, but it can also lead to envy and resentment.

Don’t dwell on your past

It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but it’s just as important to forgive yourself and move on. Dwelling on your past will only bring you down and make you unhappy.

Don’t be afraid to be happy

Some people are afraid to be happy because they think it means they’re not allowed to be sad. But this isn’t true! Happiness and sadness are both part of life. Embrace your happiness, and don’t be afraid to feel your feelings.

How to maintain your happiness

The best way to maintain your happiness is to surround yourself with positive people and things. Also, take time each day to do things that make you happy. Be sure to keep your thoughts positive and optimistic, and don’t dwell on negative things. Finally, make a commitment to yourself to do things that make you happy every day, no matter what.


It’s great to be happy, but sometimes you might find yourself wondering what to do next. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make the most of your happiness, here are five suggestions.

Spread the joy. When you’re feeling good, take a moment to share your positive attitude with others. A simple smile or kind word can go a long way towards making someone else’s day.

Be grateful. One of the best ways to maintain a happy outlook is to focus on the things you’re grateful for. Make a list of things you’re thankful for each day, and refer to it when you need a reminder of all the good in your life.

Help someone else. Not only will you make someone else’s day by doing something nice, but you’ll also get a boost of happiness from the act of giving.

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