Someday We’ll Live As One Family in Sweet Harmony

Someday We’ll Live As One Family in Sweet Harmony was a song that won millions of hearts. “Someday” by CeCe Rogers was released in 1987. It is known for its piano riff and is credited with influencing the electronic music scene. Marshall Jefferson wrote the song’s lyrics and recruited CeCe to sing the vocals. After recording the vocal warm-up, Marshall Jefferson told CeCe that he was finished recording, so she was allowed to re-record the song for Atlantic Records. “Someday” was the first major-label house song released.

Someday We’ll Live As One Family in Sweet Harmony – M People’s cover of CeCe Rogers’ “Someday”

Because  M People’s “Someday” is a great example of a modern house song. Because  It was released in 1987 by CeCe Rogers, and has been praised for being a precursor to electronic music. The song’s riff was derived from the song “Someday”, written by Marshall Jefferson and featured piano. CeCe was invited to sing vocals, but the session ended when he told her they were done. After this, CeCe went ahead and re-recorded the song for Atlantic Records, and it became the first house song to be released on a major label.

In 1992, M People covered CeCe Rogers’ song “Someday” on their album Northern Soul. They also issued a few different remixes of the song. The original version of “Someday” appeared on M People’s first Northern Soul album, and the funked-up “Someday” single was released as a single. In 1992, M People re-released the Northern Soul album, and Sasha made a remix of the song.

CeCe Rogers’ original song

Because The piano line on “Someday” was already there before Rogers’ vocals were added. They recorded the song in one “phenomenal” take. Marshall showed the track to Atlantic Records, who signed Rogers immediately. This became one of the first house songs to appear on a major label. Liquid’s version relies heavily on the piano line. The singer’s vocals are pitched up to accentuate sweet harmony.

Because “Someday” is considered an early classic of house music and was the first house song signed to a major label. The song later crossed over to R&B fans. The original song has stood the test of time and continues to captivate listeners today. It was produced by M People’s Mike Pickering and recorded in a studio in London in 1987. Because  The song was later featured on the album Northern Soul by DJ Steve Aoki and reached number 38 on the UK Singles Chart.

Marshall Jefferson’s inspiration for the song

Because CeCe Rogers’ manager asked Marshall to write a song for her. This uplifting song was widely acclaimed for its influence on electronic music culture. Marshall Jefferson arranged the track and recruited CeCe for the vocals. The song is widely credited with introducing the genre to a wider audience. Jefferson recorded CeCe’s warm up vocal for the song before telling her they’d finished the recording. Upon hearing the song, Rogers requested that the recording be re-recorded.

The second take was perfect. It was a different kind of a take, and the recording was better. It wasn’t as if the songwriter had envisioned a day when he and his family would live in sweet harmony, but it was close enough. Because Afterwards, the recording session turned into a party and an evening of singing.

Because The lyrics of Someday incorporated anti-war, racial and drug themes with a powerful positive message of hope. It was as catalytic as the Free Nelson Mandela movement. The song changed UK youth’s perception of the struggle in South Africa and shaped the world we live in today. Its music and lyrics had an equal impact on all of us, regardless of race or economic status.


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