My Guy Can Cultivate on Their Own

My guy can cultivate on their own. I thought it was just me. We live in a rented house and I’m tired of him bolting from one room to tend to his plants. Haynie’s friends are used to seeing him bolt out of the room to tend to his plants, but what if he could cultivate on their own? Isn’t that the dream of a gardener?

My guy can cultivate on their own – Fang Yuan can cultivate on their own

At thirty, Fang Yuan was a genius. Cultivating to rank five at such an age was only possible for the top geniuses in the five great regions. Even if a genius Gu Master could cultivate at this age. they would hesitate to charge into the Gu Immortal realm. But Fang Yuan’s previous lives had given them experience that helped them cultivate at this level. He had the confidence to push on to the Gu Immortal realm despite his advancing age. He had already passed the spring autumn cicada’s hibernation, absorbed the water in the river of time, and mostly recovered, although he still felt faint pressure in his aperture.

As their cultivation level rose, the two of them were able to explore the blessed land of the Imperial Court. They also destroyed the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. However, their luck path methods began to lag behind as their cultivation levels increased. Although they felt in control of their situation, they lacked a powerful attacking technique. They relied on myriad dragons, yama children, and battle of attrition to overcome their foes.

The Gu Immortals had made many deductions on the Fang Yuan in a previous life, but the emperor yama had blocked their deductions. Fang Yuan still had a batch of guts Gu, but the emperor had blocked their deductions. This triggered the emergence of the Dang Hun Mountain, self-detonated in Fairy Zi Wei’s hands.

Haynie’s friends are used to him bolting from a room to tend to his plants

If you’ve ever met Haynie, you’ve no doubt witnessed his love for gardening, as he can often be found walking from one room to another in the middle of a conversation to tend to his potted plants. The 38-year-old co-founded Happy Trees Agricultural Supply in Richmond, a company specializing in setting up home growers. In fact, he is renowned for his plethora of knowledge and experience with cannabis, having grown more than 5,000 plants and growing them in five years.

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