Make Time For What’s Important

If you’re one of those people who constantly make time for what they want, then you’re a selfish person who doesn’t have time for anything else. Make Time For What’s Important While making time for yourself is a noble goal, you also need to make time for your relationships, your hobbies, and your job. People who make time for themselves often don’t have for others and have little empathy for their needs. You’re too busy chasing your dreams that you’re not giving anything else the  of day.

Make Time For What’s Important – Make time for those who make time for you

People who show that they care about you will also make for you. In other words, you should make time for them. You’ll be surprised how often people do this without you even asking. If you truly care about someone, they’ll drop whatever they’re doing and spend time with you. If not, you’ll be left feeling unappreciated and feeling like you’re not important. And when that happens, you’ll never find the to say “I’m too busy.”

People make time for the things that they want. Each person has their own reasons for not making for others, and each excuse is valid for itself. When you can’t make for someone, you should be patient with them and move on. This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s worth it in the long run. People appreciate and value relationships with other people more than material possessions. Make for the people who make for you and they’ll show that you care.

Prioritize relationships

It may be tempting to prioritize your relationships over other things. If you are bucking for a promotion at work or studying for exams, you may feel justified. If you want to move forward in life, however, it is important to make time for the relationships you love most. You may be able to make compromises and still maintain a balance between the other relationships. But if your priorities are not aligned, you may find it difficult to maintain balance in your relationships.

While relationship priorities seem obvious, many people forget about them and get stuck in a relationship that is unworthy of their time and attention. The constant roller-coaster of emotions keeps happiness at bay. You may notice that your partner is spending more time outside of your relationship. Or, if you notice a decreased frequency of sex with your partner, it may be a sign that you are taking on other priorities.

Make Time For What’s Important – Prioritize hobbies

Hobbies offer you relaxation, information and entertainment. During downtime, you can focus on one of these activities, which can enhance your ability to complete tasks during the workday. If you find it hard to prioritize hobbies for people, Forbes has listed 7 ways to waste time. It is best to plan for time to enjoy a hobby rather than focusing on other things. Once you have planned time to spend on hobbies, start to eliminate other things that may distract you.

Whether you want to go for a long day of sports or a weekend of binge-watching, find a way to schedule the activities in your schedule. Instead of trying to squeeze a day of watching television, schedule at least 15 minutes each day to spend practicing and preparing your hobby. Clay Johnson recommends scheduling hobbies like other appointments. This way, you can plan ahead of time and budget accordingly.

Make Time For What’s Important – Prioritize work

There is a difference between work and priorities. Work that is more important than others is usually higher priority. If you have a team, prioritizing tasks helps you to share responsibilities between members of the team. This will prevent you from doing the same thing twice. Using a list of priorities will ensure that your team members have the right amount of time for the most important tasks. You can also increase their effectiveness by ensuring that the tasks on their to-do lists are in order of importance.

List all the tasks on a single list. You can even divide larger tasks into smaller ones. This will make your workload less overwhelming. Once you’ve created your list, start to prioritize the items. Remember, your list should be up to date, and you should stay in touch with your team regularly. Just don’t overdo it; communication is crucial! If you need a buffer to complete prioritized tasks, be sure to ask them for it.

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