Cheapest Places to Vacation

what is the cheapest place to vacation. There are some places in the world that are relatively cheap if you know where to look. These destinations include Madeira, Brazil, Thailand, and Portugal. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can find a place that is within your budget for as little as $50. In many cases, you can find even better deals than in the USA.

Cheapest Places to Vacation – Madeira

Madeira is known for its warm sandy beaches, wine culture, and verdant landscape. Travelers who want to save on costs should look into vacation packages, which include the cost of flights and hotel accommodation. These packages can be more expensive than buying tickets individually, but they can also save you time.

Accommodation on Madeira is affordable, and prices are relatively low compared to other European islands. You can get a double or twin room for as little as EUR70 per night. If you’re traveling with a partner, you can share a room, which can cut down on costs considerably. It’s also possible to get a vacation rental for less than twenty euros a night. However, you’ll need to book in advance and choose the right location.

Rio de Janeiro

If you want to go on a budget, Rio de Janeiro is a great place to go. The cheapest time to travel to Rio is during the early to mid-September time period. There are several ways you can find inexpensive flights to Rio. You can also look into last-minute travel packages to save money.

Between December and March, you can enjoy the city’s beaches and cool temperatures. However, if you plan to go in February for the Carnival, you will have to plan on paying at least a little more. The festivities last four to five days and attract thousands of tourists and locals. During Carnival, accommodation can be hard to find and prices can be quite high.


Thailand is known to be a cheap vacation destination. Backpackers should budget between 800 and 1,200 THB per day to get by in the country, which equates to about $25-$30 per person per day. However, luxury travelers can expect to spend around $75 a day in the country, which will cover the cost of activities, hotels, and meals. Prices in Thailand rise as you move around, so it’s best to plan your vacation accordingly.

Thailand has a lot to offer for a low budget, and many activities are free. Even temple visits can be affordable. Organised tours, like diving in Koh Tao, will cost between $30 and $50. You can also expect to spend about $30-$85 per night in a mid-range hotel. A great way to save money while traveling in Thailand is to opt for a guesthouse or a boutique hostel, rather than a more expensive hotel.

Cheapest Places to Vacation – Portugal

Traveling to Portugal during low season will give you a chance to save money on airfare. The prices are low during late January, early February, and mid-March. For the best deals, book your vacation months in advance. If you can’t wait until these times, you can try traveling at the last minute. This will allow you to get the most value for your money on airfare, accommodations, and package deals.

Portugal’s cheapest vacation spots include the Algarve region, home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. You can see grottoes on Praia da Dona Ana, or swim in the crystal-clear water of Praia do Barril. You can also find cheap places to eat outside of Lisbon and Porto.


Traveling on a budget in Egypt can save you a great deal of money. However, you will need to learn about the culture and know how to bargain in order to get the lowest prices. Haggling is part of the everyday life in Egypt, and most goods can be bargained for. The most important tip when bargaining is ALWAYS asking for the price you are willing to pay before you accept it. In addition, you should never be afraid to say “no” politely.

You can enjoy Egypt on a budget by choosing a hostel or a simple hotel in a central location. You can also camp in the desert or take a traditional felucca cruise on the Nile. There are many options to fit every budget.

Central America

Traveling throughout Central America is one of the cheapest ways to experience the variety of landscapes and cultures of the region. With seven beautiful countries to choose from, this region is perfect for a budget-conscious traveler. You can experience beautiful beaches, towering mountains, and lush rain forests for very little money. You can fly to most countries of Central America on a budget airline and stay in cheap hostels for a fraction of the usual price.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive vacation destination in Central America, you can check out Nicaragua. Nicaragua is much cheaper than Costa Rica and boasts a number of popular tourist attractions like a beautiful colonial city called Granada. Travelers from all over the world can visit Nicaragua without incurring a high price tag. But travelers from non-English speaking countries must be sure to bring a certificate of negative RT-PCR COVID test before they can enter the country.

Cheapest Places to Vacation – USA

A USA vacation can be a great way to get away from your everyday life for less than you might think. The average domestic flight costs $359 and a midrange hotel room runs about $250 a night. But even if you can’t afford the most expensive destination, the USA has plenty of places to explore on a tight budget.

For example, you can stay in Seattle, Washington and see the world from a cheap perspective. The city has a great mix of culture and cuisine, and is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains.


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