Best Scandinavian Country to Visit in Summer

Best Scandinavian Country to Visit in Summer. If you’re planning a summer vacation, Scandinavia might be just the thing for you. The region boasts a variety of attractions, from the emerald-green nature of Lapland to the pristine beaches of Sweden and Denmark. These four countries have something for everyone, and are ideal for families.

best scandinavian country to visit in summer  Lapland

Summer is a unique time of year to visit Sweden’s northernmost region, Lapland. Normally covered in snow, Lapland is now awash with bright blue skies and gleaming lakes. With over two thousand mountains and caves to explore, the area is a perfect place to experience nature and outdoor activities.

In addition to being the most accessible season for summer holiday, Lapland also offers the chance to witness the northern lights. While they aren’t as common as they are in the southern parts of the country, the chance of seeing them is still high. Also, from late May to early July, the region experiences midnight sun, which reduces nighttime darkness to five or six hours. The temperature varies significantly between daytime and nighttime, with the southern part being warmer than the north.


Finland is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries, and is the perfect summer destination for travelers looking for a natural adventure. The country is famous for its natural scenery and outdoor activities, and is a great place for wildlife watching, cycling and long-distance hiking. Although Scandinavian countries are similar in many ways, each of them has its own unique identity, quirks, and must-see sights.

The country’s northernmost region, Lapland, is the birthplace of Santa Claus, and is one of the most spectacular places to experience the aurora borealis. This dazzling light show is visible for about 200 nights per year in Lapland, and it is truly magical during the summer months. In addition to dazzling northern lights, Lapland receives twenty-four-hour sunlight for three months of the year, creating a special phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun.

best scandinavian country to visit in summe – Sweden

For travelers looking for the best Scandinavian country to visit in summer, Sweden is one of the best options. It offers majestic landscapes, quiet lakes, abundant natural resources, and vibrant cultures. Travelers can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while staying within their budget. The summer months are also prime for outdoor recreation.

The summer months in Sweden are perfect for visiting if you are looking for a warm, sunny climate. The daytime temperature is warm enough to go out and participate in outdoor activities, and the summer nights are long enough to see the midnight sun. During this time, you can also enjoy the Stockholm Culture Night, which takes place in late April and offers more than 300 free cultural events.


Known for its Viking history, Denmark is the best Scandinavian country to visit during the summer months. With medieval castles and picturesque countryside, Denmark offers a perfect blend of the old and the new. From the pristine beaches of Jutland to rolling hills and forests, Denmark has something for everyone.

During the summer months, Danish cities are filled with tourists. You can visit picturesque towns like Skagen, which was a fishing village in the 12th century. In addition, you can visit Osterlars, a town on Bornholm Island famous for its sunny weather.


If you’re looking for the best Scandinavian country to visit in summer, you might want to consider visiting Norway. This northern country is home to an unmatched collection of wildlife. Average temperatures are 39 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit, or four to six degrees Celsius, and you can see whales, walruses, seals, arctic foxes, and countless other species. The unique Arctic climate also provides visitors with the opportunity to see polar bears, which are an integral part of any summer holiday in Norway.

The country’s rich history makes it a great destination for a family vacation. Its Viking heritage is a rich one, and there are plenty of medieval castles and charming rural villages in addition to modern urban centers. Scandinavians are known for their attention to detail, and their country is no exception. The Jutland peninsula is a fantastic place for families with children to visit. The other half of the country, Zealand, has rolling hills and unspoiled forests.

North Jutland

The summer in Denmark is the best time to visit. The days are long and the weather is pleasant, perfect for sightseeing. In June, the Viking Festival begins and runs for two weeks. This festival is filled with bearded Vikings, Norse sagas, traditional Viking ships, and other attractions. Visitors can also check out the Aalborg Beer Festival and the Aalborg Carnival, which draw thousands of people.

Located on Denmark’s Jutland peninsula, North Jutland is known for its long sunny days and unique light. In summer, you can spend your days hiking, cycling, or relaxing on a sand beach. If you want to see the coastline from the water, you can take a ferry from Samso to Jutland.

best scandinavian country to visit in summer – Stockholm

If you’re looking for a warm, sunny destination for your next vacation, Stockholm is a top pick. The long, balmy summer days are ideal for outdoor activities. You can enjoy the sights of Stockholm by kayaking, hiking, or just hanging out at the beach. You can even go sea kayaking, while taking in the spectacular views of the Baltic Sea. Midsummer is another favorite holiday, celebrated across Sweden. During this festive time, the sky never turns dark – it’s a pale blue with white cloud streaks, and deep midnight blue at night.

One of Stockholm’s most popular outdoor areas is Judarskogen nature reserve. This park is home to hiking trails, swimming ponds, and historic buildings. Locals often gather here for picnics and conversations.

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