Best Places to Travel For Outdoor Adventure

Best Places to Travel For Outdoor Adventure. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure with a family or your friends, Hawaii is a great place to go. There are activities for the younger set and more adventurous activities for the older ones. Hawaii is home to a wide range of adventure activities, including the famous Road to Hana. There are also a variety of milder activities for the whole family, including kayaking to the Mokes.

Best Places to Travel For Outdoor Adventure – Moab

best places to travel for outdoor adventure. If you’re searching for outdoor adventure, Moab is the place to go. The area is well known for its off-roading, and visitors can rent ATVs and UTVs and hit the trails. Some popular spots include the White Wash Sand Dunes, Bartlett Wash Road, and Monitor and Merrimac Trails. Guided tours are also available.

If you’re interested in rock climbing, there are plenty of opportunities for that. A three-mile hike takes you to the Morning Glory Natural Bridge, and you can also check out the famous monolith from the western movies, Fisher Tower. You can even climb it! Lunch in the Red Cliffs Lodge is always a treat and you can also visit the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage.

Ziplining is another outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by adults and children. Most tours include a 4-wheel-drive ride to the trailhead. Ziplining tours usually include six ziplines and a 100-foot suspension bridge. If you’d like to try this activity, make sure to book ahead.


Fall is the best time to visit Moab because of the pleasant temperatures, warmer river waters, and fewer tourists. The town is also home to a variety of fall festivals, such as the Moab Folk Festival. Fall is also the best time to see the red rocks covered in snow. While temperatures are comfortable, you’ll likely be alone on the trails in these months.

Ziplining is another fun outdoor activity that many tourists enjoy. The experience usually lasts for half a day and is one of the most popular activities in Moab. You’ll need to book ahead of time, however, to ensure that you’re not disappointed! Another great way to enjoy Moab is by hiking, where you’ll find plenty of trails to explore. You can also enjoy the beautiful night sky.

The area is home to several national parks, including the massive Needles National Park. This park covers hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and it is divided into three zones: the Maze in the west, Island in the north, and Needles in the southwest. The Island In The Sky section of the park has a museum dedicated to geological objects. Other places to visit include the Dinosaurus Park and Tracks Museum.

Best Places to Travel For Outdoor Adventure

The Colorado River is another exciting place to explore. The waters of this river are great for stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. You can also book river rafting and jet-boating excursions with local operators. One of the most popular trips is the Fish Towers Half-Day Rafting Day Trip, which takes you through Class II and III rapids.

Adventure lovers will be thrilled with the variety of outdoor activities available in Moab. The city is home to two national parks, which means there’s something for everyone. Zip-lining, rock climbing, and horseback riding are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy while exploring the area. You can also take in some art galleries and museums, and enjoy the Backyard Bash concert series.

For those seeking a more extreme adventure, Arches National Park is just outside the city and offers great hiking. There are many trails in this national park, including the 52-foot-high Delicate Arch. While Arches National Park is open year-round, it can be crowded during Spring Break.


If you’re looking for an educational experience, the Moab Museum is a great choice. It has paleontological and archaeological exhibits, as well as collections of photographs and oral histories. The museum also hosts educational programming on local history and culture. While you’re there, don’t forget to pay respect to the local Indigenous Peoples.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is another great place to go. The area is infamous for its rugged terrain, and most of it can only be reached by four-wheel drive. There are many tours available, from guided Jeep tours to self-drive adventures in open-air vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a day trip, a weekend getaway or a family vacation, Moab is a great place for adventure.

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